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    Our mission is to help our clients succeed by providing high-quality, comprehensive legal services at a competitive cost. Our attorneys serve as outside general counsel to businesses and municipalities and as family office attorneys to individuals.

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    We represent a wide variety of businesses as outside general counsel, helping them succeed in all phases of their business, from formation and funding, mergers and acquisitions, general business and real estate transactions, dispute resolution and litigation, tax planning and audit defense, all the way to transition planning.

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    We strive to help our clients succeed in all aspects of their personal lives, including civil litigation, employment, personal injury, estate planning, tax preparation, planning and audit defense, and criminal defense. We will serve as your loyal advocate, working diligently and aggressively on your behalf.

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Clients are facing a complex and ever-evolving world.  Business transactions have to be prepared with an eye on litigation risks, tax consequences and business transition opportunities.  Litigation must be handled with a perspective of costs, societal ramifications, and political consequences.  You deserve attorneys who are both detail-oriented and forward-thinking, who have the breadth and depth of experience and expertise to put all of the pieces together to give you the best representation.  The attorneys at Litchford, Pearce & Associates offer a broad range of legal services in order to best serve the needs of their clients. We are responsive, respectful, diligent and loyal, always seeking the best outcome for you at a competitive cost.


We take great satisfaction in helping our clients succeed. That is why we work so hard to keep informed of changes in the law and constantly improve our knowledge and skills. We integrate our knowledge of many facets of the law to give you the best results possible, all as part of our dedication to excellence in serving you.


How we treat our clients, colleagues and community have earned us a solid reputation.  We will always work in your best interests, even if that means utilizing our relationships with outside attorneys, CPAs, or other outside experts to help you succeed.  We strive to protect your bottom line, not ours, so we are cost conscious and efficient.


A great measure of our success comes from how we listen and respond to our clients.  Being attentive to your needs, desires and goals allows us to best serve you.  We also strive to promptly return your calls and emails and keep you informed of your matter.

Your Trusted Advisors

Mark Litchford and Richard Pearce are childhood friends, having known each other since the age of five, later going to the McCallie School together in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and eventually practicing in the same law firm for the past 10 years. They founded Litchford, Pearce & Associates out of a mutual desire to better benefit their clients and their communities.


Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than helping our clients succeed in all facets of their business and personal lives. We strive to communicate well with our clients, provide diligent representation and be loyal advocates for our clients’ needs.

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