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Criminal Law

Criminal Law

The consequences are dire for any criminal offense you might face as a result of being charged with a criminal offense. There is the possibility of losing your liberty to prison time. You may have steep fines levied against you. You will also have a criminal record that could hurt your chances at getting your dream job, going to the college of your choice, getting the loan you need to buy a house or rent an apartment that you like.

You don't have to accept these consequences. You have a right to an attorney. Your lawyer can challenge the prosecutor's evidence and advocate for you, seeking to have your charges reduced or dismissed or convincing the jury that there is reasonable doubt and they must acquit.  If you are charged with a crime, a criminal defense lawyer from Litchford, Pearce & Associates, can fight for your rights to ensure you get the best outcome in your case. Our lawyers can push back against accusations, utilizing their skill and experience in the courtroom to defend against these charges. Our Firm's attorneys also utilize skilled professionals in investigation and expert testimony.  We represent those accused in Hamilton County (TN), Bradley County (TN), Marion County (TN), Rhea County (TN), Sequatchie County (TN), Catoosa County (GA), Walker County (GA), Dade County (GA), and Chattooga County (GA).

No matter what you've been charged with, our attorneys will strive to provide the highest level of service and quality that we possibly can.  We employ an aggressive approach toward the defense of our client, no matter what their particular circumstances.  Contact Litchford, Pearce & Associates, today at 423-529-5290 if you've been charged with a felony or serious misdemeanor and need legal representation for cases such as:

  • Drunk driving (OWI / DUI / DWI), including first offenses and repeat offenses, as well as related DOT hearings
  • Theft
  • Domestic violence
  • Probation offenses
  • Embezzlement

It is important to remember that being arrested and charged does not mean one is guilty of an offense.  Our attorneys at Litchford, Pearce & Associates have the skills, knowledge, training, tools and strategies to defend the rights of those charged and to successfully resolve cases.  We investigate the case thoroughly to learn the exact circumstances and legal ramifications, then determine and evaluate our client's options.  We are well-versed in pretrial motions and more.   Additionally, we stay in close contact with our clients, returning phone calls, meeting one-on-one, and keeping clients and family members informed about developments of their case.  Our Firm recognizes that being charged with an offense involves significant ramifications that may impact all facets of your life, including lost employment, educational expulsion, destroyed careers and ruined relationships. 

Our attorneys have received recognition by various criminal defense organizations, including the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys, a nationwide organization of members, as having achieved advanced level training on the strategies that result in the successful resolution for defendants charged with driving under the influence.  Attorney Mark Litchford has previously been selected as an Executive Member of the AAPDA which is based upon a proprietary selection criteria and is granted only after the Association confirms the selected attorney has obtained the skills, knowledge, training, and tools that are necessary to successfully resolve and win DUI cases.

It is the Firm's mission to ensure our clients feel as comfortable as possible as they navigate the criminal justice process, beginning with a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to discuss and evaluate the facts of the particular case.  Thereafter, the investigation is handled by our experienced attorneys which includes initiating witness and officer interviews, challenging evidence relied upon by the state, and identifying police errors.  If you have been arrested, contact our attorneys today to schedule your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION


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